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What does an Ombudsman in Long-Term Care Do?

An Ombudsman is an advocate for senior citizens who are living in long term care facilities? This is a State of Oregon volunteer program designed to assist the Deputy Ombudsmen in Salem Oregon in investigating and monitoring complaints of seniors living in long term care. Every State has a program that is designed to fit the needs of their senior citizens. In Oregon there are 5 days of training involved for the volunteer position. They are trained to Educate, Investigate and Advocate; they will learn to be a “problem solver”, and expected to spend at least 16 hours a month as a Certified Ombudsman assisting seniors. It is a good way to give back to the community. For those interested in getting more information, you can call the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Office in Salem, 1-800-522-2602 or email The Office of the Long Term Care Ombudsman is a small, independent agency of the State of Oregon. Certified Ombudsman Volunteers spend 5-10 hours a week advocating for residents in long-term care facilities. They are trained to be citizen advocates and help solve problems and issues before other government agencies are involved. If you like to problem solve, work independently, and want to help the elders in your communities you should contact the office listed above.

Music and Successful Aging

Some say that music plucks the strings of your heart. Not only does music revive memories and transport you to another place and time, but it also has numerous benefits that can make your life more successful and healthy. It has the ability to sooth your nerves and thus have a positive effect on your emotional well-being. When you participate at a musical event it helps you to engage with others and can be very stimulating for your brain.

Some of the benefits that have been identified in the research include:

  • Improves communication
  • Enhances Memory
  • Reduces pain sensation
  • Counteracts depression
  • Promotes activity (i.e. dancing, exercise)
  • Encourages feeling of relaxation
  • Calms and sedates (promotes sleep)

Now it is your turn to explore ways to incorporate music into your life.

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