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Talking To Friends Helps with Happiness

friendsCurrent research shows that people who talk more are both physically and mentally healthier that people that bottle up their feelings.

Schedule a regular time to get together with your friend(s) so that you are able to release any negative emotions by talking them out. At the same time, celebrate the positive events in your life.


Listening, it’s time to be heard

As humans we want be heard.  Our feelings, bad days, promotions, victories, or even our saddest moments.  We seek for approval and agreement by our peers to make sure we aren’t crazy for feeling or thinking the way we do.  When we are heard and reassured after venting, most times our days start to become more positive.  For happiness in life we need a support group, but more importantly, we need a support group that cares to listen to us.  In return though, we need to be listeners ourselves.  Happiness comes not only whfriendsen we receive but more when we give.

The Seven (7) Secrets of Happiness

Gyles Brandreth, noted British writer, thinks are the Seven(7) Secrets of Happiness.

  1. Cultivate A Passion. Those individuals who have purpose have healthier lives 
  2. Be a Leaf On A Tree. You are an individual, but research shows us that we need to be part of a community.
  3. Break The Mirror. Don’t focus on yourself, focus on what you can do for others.
  4.  Don’t Resist Change. To effectively interact with life one must cope with change and embrace the new.
  5. Audit Your Happiness. If you are spending at least half of your day doing something you do not enjoy change it.
  6.  Live In The Moment. “Seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future.”
  7.  Be Happy. If you want to be happy you must take part in it. Act it until you get it into your inner most being. Being happy is a choice!

The Therapy of Laughter


We currently live in a world where on a daily basis our media thrives on reporting negative information. Being bombarded with this type of press makes it hard sometimes to get around to reflecting on the more positive or happy issues in life. Yet we know from recent research that being more positive or optimistic is better for our health. So, how do you find happiness? There are many ways to do so, one is to laugh. Laughter brings joy. Laughter makes you happy. If you find it hard to laugh, try this – think of what Charles Schultz said about happiness. He said “happiness is a warm puppy.”

Support: the Road to Happiness

Study after study continues to show a positive correlation between relationships and happiness.  Looking further into relationships, support is a huge role in the positive correlation.  Being supported by another person emotionally creates a meaning to life and increased well-being.  Having another person to lean on in difficult times decreases the amount of stress that is exerted on your body and mind.  Stress is a top characteristic that can negatively play into ones well-being.  More importantly, being a supporter for someone else increases the longevity of an individual’s mortality due to the positive outcomes that comes along with being a supporter. One of these positive outcomes include the decrease of depression an individual experiences and the increase of meaning.  Knowing that you are making a difference in someone else’s life not only gives you more meaning, but can also distract you from your own stress.  In conclusion, if you want to be happier, include yourself in a group of friends/family that you trust for a support system.


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