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The Value of In-Home Care

senior care salemDeciding to begin in-home senior care in Eugene, Salem, Corvallis, and Florence Oregon and the surrounding areas can be a difficult and emotional decision. And you have lots of questions: Can in-home care help? What does it entail? How much does it cost? How will I feel about bringing a stranger into my home, or my mother or father’s home? How do I know whom to hire?

First of all, in-home care serves a vitally important role in allowing a senior or disabled people to continue living at home when it’s simply not possible for them to do that on their own. Certainly, some clients, when first presented with the idea, will feel their independence is being threatened. It’s a hard thing for some people to come to terms with.

But it’s important to remember, also, that in-home care, perhaps just several hours a week, would be enough to actually help them retain the independence of living at home, perhaps in a place where they have spent decades of their life.

Flexible Care Options

One benefit of in-home care is its flexibility. Some clients require round-the-clock help, others just a few hours a week. For some, care is ongoing, for others it’s temporary. Clients pay only for the hours of care they require. The initial assessment helps to determine what services are needed and how much time is required.

It’s also a difficult time for family members of the person in need of care. You might be saying to yourself, “Hey, I just need to make time to do this.”

Family caregivers can put their own wellbeing at risk by shouldering too much. Help from a trained and trusted caregiver can often make everyone’s life a little better.

Yet, in-home care is not the best solution in every situation. We help individuals and families decide what is the best option for them, but we won’t suggest in-home care if we doubt it will be successful.

Learn about the different kinds of home care services that we offer. Also read about our free in-person assessment process, which allows us to determine what type of care would be appropriate and what the costs would be. Reach out to us today to learn more about senior care Eugene, Salem, Corvallis, and Florence and the surrounding areas trust.

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