Keep Kidneys Healthy To Prevent Mental Decline

A recent study found an association between loss of kidney function and declines in memory and reasoning. The study suggests that maintaining health kidneys may be one way to protect against cognitive decline. Often kidney function problems are not identified until there is a substantial reduction in their function. To protect your kidneys you can help by following these suggestions:

  • Request a urinalysis and blood test when you have regular check-ups.
  • Maintain healthy blood pressure levels
  • Keep levels of LDL(bad) cholesterol and triglycerides within healthy range
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Reduce your sodium intake to less than 1,500 milligrams per day
  • Quit smoking, limit alcohol to 1 drink per day
  • Limit diet sodas
  • Consume lean meat
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Control your weight

Incorporate these into your life and you should experience positive results.

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Physical Exercising & Lowering the Risk of Disease

Exercising can help reduce the risk of disease in multiple ways.  Performing physical exercise can help with stress, healthy weight control and more.  Endorphin’s, commonly called “happy hormones” are released when engaging in physical activity and help reduce our stress levels.  Lowering Stress prevents the risk of disease because of the wear and tear stress gives your body.  Exercising helps burn calories and unneeded fats that are unhealthy. Maintaining the correct weight and BMI for yourself can have a successful outcome of lowering your risk of disease and onset diabetes. The more oxygen available to our blood the richer the blood and greater the circulation; which then prevents circulatory diseases.  When exercising we increase the oxygen levels in our body, creating healthy blood and circulation.  For a healthier outcome it is recommended that an individual accompanies exercising with a healthy diet.15moth-phys-blog480

Nutrition and Avoiding Disease

imagesNot only does eating healthy improve our mood and the way we feel about ourselves, but it can help prevent disease and obtain a healthy well-being. Two common ingredients that help are antioxidants and omega-3.  Both can help with memory and body functioning. Lots of fruits and nuts are high in antioxidants, in fact, pinot noir grapes are some of the highest antioxidants.  Fish and nuts may also contain the omega-3 you may be looking for.  Be sure to be aware of the recommended food intake in all food groups to assist in a healthy diet.  There are a lot of new “fads” out there when it comes to diets, be sure to ask a professional about the facts of the diet if you are unsure of its health outcome.  It is never a bad idea to keep yourself educated when it comes your health.  Everyone gets busy and it seems that our health is the easiest subject to put aside, I’m guilty of it myself. Reading an educational article one morning a week is a great start that doesn’t take up too much time.   Slowly start implementing health education back into your life, it’s never too late.

Quit Smoking and Increase Life Expectancy

For those individuals who smoke you can greatly increase your life expectancy by quitting. Here is what the Centers for Disease Control indicate are the benefits of quitting smoking:
• Lowered risk for lung cancer and many other types of cancer.
• Reduced risk for heart disease, stroke, and peripheral vascular disease (narrowing of the blood vessels outside your heart).
• Reduced heart disease risk within 1 to 2 years of quitting.
• Reduced respiratory symptoms, such as coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. While these symptoms may not disappear, they do not continue to progress at the same rate among people who quit compared with those who continue to smoke.
• Reduced risk of developing some lung diseases (such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, also known as COPD, one of the leading causes of death in the United States).
• Reduced risk for infertility in women of childbearing age. Women who stop smoking during pregnancy also reduce their risk of having a low birth weight baby.
If you are ready to try quitting check with your health insurance company for Smoking Cessation classes and counseling.

Benefits to Stop Smoking

Did you know that “adult cigarette smoking declined 22 percent between 1996 and 2012.(”? When an individual chooses to stop smoking, it’s a step to healthy aging. This is a way to avoid diseases that can occur for anyone and any age. Have you seen the buses around town that have statistics to promote individuals to quit smoking? Check out to learn more about the statistics and resources available to help individuals who are wanting to quit smoking.

Music is Medicine to the Brain

Historically, music has been used as treatment for brain disorders to help people restore language and motor skills. Learning new musical pieces can help trigger neuroplasticity which will help make new connections in the brain. These will often help people compensate for impaired parts of the brain.

Music is helpful in many ways. It is physical in the fact that it encourages to move to the beat of the music. This physical exercise can help with circulation, motor functioning and brain health.

Secondly, it is emotional. Music induces emotional states that help activate neurochemicals that will encourage positive moods.

Third, music is social and through collective experiences such as symphony, etc. it helps the person to engage with others rather than become isolated.

Check with your local Adult Activity Center or Center for Performing Arts to see what events might be going on large or small that you would enjoy and experience the positive results.

Longer Lives

The Wall Street Journal recently reported about the first revision of mortality assumptions since 2000 by the Society of Actuaries. This new report demonstrates that people are going to live longer – if a man is 65 today he will live to be 86.6 years old. Whereas a woman who is 65 today will live to be 88.8 years of age. With this new information it makes it even more important to age successfully and keep our minds actively stimulated to maintain our brain health.

Enhancing Your Brainpower with Learning

Learn Something New

In order to keep your brain stimulated learn something new. It has been documented that this will enhance your brainpower by rebuilding connections in your brain. There are numerous ways to do this, it all depends on what you are interested in. One way is to join a book club and find out about new and interesting topics. Not only do you stimulate your brain, but you connect with others which means you are actively engaging in life (another element of the Successful Aging model.

Customer Reviews

New Horizons In-Home Care

Customer Testimonials

J. M. May 4, 2020

Eugene, Or Client
The people I've worked with have been so straightforward and honest. They really care about how it's going. The caregiver is very understanding, knowledgeable. He can see ahead and makes some suggestions. I can leave if I need without the least bit of worry. He is really proactive, I know he cares and trust him impeccably.

Pamela V. April 9, 2020

Eugene, Or Client
I like how nice the caregivers are. The office staff is prompt on getting somebody out here when it is needed and the caregivers make me feel better than what I am. They are willing to do anything I ask of them.

Barbara W. February 2, 2020

Corvallis, Or Client
We are happy to have them because they do well. They come when they are supposed to and do what they are supposed to. They do things that we didn't know we needed. They assess the situation well and plan for the right care. They are very dependable and thorough and are very friendly and helpful. We're very satisfied.

Candice S. April 1, 2020

Salem, Or Client
They are very helpful and on time with things. They do what they say they are going to do. They will talk to me and help me when needed. I don't have to wait forever to pick up my calls and they are quick to get back to me. It has been positive.

Sharon R. April 01, 2020

Salem, Or Client
The caregivers will do anything that we ask of them. They have been very convenient. and are able to be here and do things for us that we cannot do.

O.H. February 14, 2020

Eugene, Or Client
The caregiver they sent me is awesome. People in the office staff are friendly and they know what they are talking about. The case manager, is a wonderful person and she knows her job. If I need something, all I have to do is call them.

Mary B. April 01, 2020

Eugene, Or Client
It has taken a great load off of our shoulders, especially mine. It has helped my health as well and gives my husband some social time. They are really good at scheduling around our schedule and are matched very well to his needs. We always recommend them to others who need care.

Denise B. March 02, 2020

Salem, Or Client
My caregiver is wonderful. I wish I could have more time. They do so much for me that I can't do for myself. They spend a few minutes to talk with me and be social. They are very open, caring, patient, outgoing, understanding, and kind people. If I need help with anything they will always help me. They are so helpful. I don't know what I'd do without their services.

Gail P. February 13, 2020

Florence Or,
The office staff found the right person for us. They check in regularly. What we need is someone who could do the cleaning and we have that. I like the fact that they have provided the kind of assistance that we needed. The caregiver we have is excellent.

Barbara N. February 12, 2020

Eugene, Or Client
They are courteous, respectful, and serve good food, and do everything we ask. They did all of their duties and everything was done in a timely manner. They were very helpful.
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