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Arthritis-Think You May Have it?

Arthritis is caused by inflammation of the tissue lining the joints. With that being said, there are seven types of arthritis, but the two that most commonly occur are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Osteoarthritis is the leading form and normally affects people that are aging. This condition tends to effect Continue Reading →

Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D deficiencies; we all get them, but how important is it really to maintain a healthy level of it?

Extremely! Lack of Vitamin D can lead to weak or soft bones, increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment in older adults, severe asthma in children, and potentially cancer.

What is Vitamin D? Continue Reading →

Knowing How to Converse with Your Healthcare Provider on Your Annual Checkup

Anyone over the age of 65 should have an annual physical. Generally speaking this is usually covered by your insurance. This is important in your overall healthcare record. If you are someone who has held off seeing your health care provider for years the first appointment might be intimidating. With an annual physical insurance allows for more time, which is a good thing as you are able to ask more questions. However, you want to maximize the time that you have. There are several tips to help with getting the most out of the appointment and get your questions answered.

 First, try to have someone you feel comfortable with come with you to your appointment so that you don’t miss anything. Often it is a family member, i.e., daughter, husband, etc. They can be your extra set of ears so that the information you receive is complete.

 Second, you will need to maximize your time by having a specific list of questions. You will need to recognize that it is unlikely that all of the questions will be answered due to the time limitation. So, make sure that the top three (3) questions are your priority. They are those questions that need the most complete answers and perhaps tests that are required. For example, if you are having some trouble remembering appointments, or forgetting to pay bills, you may be asked to take an exam to give your healthcare provider a baseline record of your memory at the time of the appointment. Based on the grad, your provider may want to have more tests run.

 Once the exam is finished, you want to make sure you have a follow-up appointment scheduled. This might be to review tests that the healthcare provider schedules or just a bi-annual or annual visit. In any case, you need to start a regular pattern of visits so that you have a relationship with your provider. The more the provider knows about you the better they will be able to help you.dr visit


Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism

Everyone wants to speed up their metabolism in some way, shape, or form. How does one achieve this seemingly far fetched goal, however? Well, there are steps people can take to accomplish this.


1.) Eat regularly! This does not mean large meals should be consumed all throughout the day. This means that one should have their three main meals, with two to three smaller meals (snacks) in between. This will keep the metabolism constantly going and not letting it venture into starvation mode.

2.) Drink more water. We have all heard this, however, it is true. Most individuals require a half gallon up to a gallon of water per day (depending on the size and health levels of people-it will vary) and this amount should be spread all throughout the day.

3.) Spicy foods help! If you can tolerate spices like curry, chili pepper, and other spicy ingredients, these aid in increasing one’s metabolic rate.

4.) COFFEE! For all of you coffee drinkers, coffee, in moderation, can help give your metabolism a quick boost. Just keep in mind that too much of anything can have negative side effects, so don’t overdo it.

5.) A morning workout. Some people love working out in the morning, and some despise it. Whichever type you are, it is beneficial to do at least a 10-15 minute exercise program to jump-start your brain, body, and organs. Plus, it will help wake you up and give you more energy throughout the day!


Blog post on 3-25-16