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Choosing A Home Health Care Company

Personal care services may include such needs as meal prep and assistance.

Choosing the right home health care in Albany and the surrounding area for your loved one can be hard, but it is very important to ask the right questions before making a selection. Home health care can be a range of non-professional to professional health care services that provide some level of care for people in their home.Typically, home health care serves people who are disabled, chronically or terminally ill, recovering from surgery, illness or accident. Often, people who need in-home care live alone, or need respite from their family and friends who are their primary caregivers. Depending on the licensing held by the in-home care agency, a Registered Nurse will create the care plan after doing an assessment of the home and clients needs.

There are four types of licensing in the state of Oregon:

Comprehensive: An agency that provides personal care services that may include medication reminding, medication assistance, medication administration, and nursing services which require having a full-time nurse on staff.

Intermediate-An agency that provides personal care services that may include medication reminding, medication assistance and medication administration but does not provide nursing services.

Limited: An agency that provides personal care services that may include medication reminding but does not provide medication assistance, medication administration or nursing services.

Basic: An agency that provides personal care services that may include medication reminding or assistance but does not provide medication administration or nursing services.

It is recommended that when hiring a  home health care company, you are aware of their level of licensing and whether they have a nurse on staff full time or not. In-Home Care is just as unique as the people they serve in their communities. Every in-home care client will have different needs that will change over time. Especially when working with seniors, it can be cumbersome for friends and families to continue to do small tasks such as housekeeping or running errands. As a person ages, their level of needs may increase when it comes to their activities of daily living (personal hygiene, dressing, eating, maintaining continence, transferring).

Hiring a home health care company in Albany or the surrounding area is much safer than looking online or hiring a family member or friend as a caregiver. The reason being, licensed in-home care companies are required by law to run a criminal background check and (drug screening) prior to hiring a caregiver. Not only that, but you are also protected under the agency when it comes to abuse and neglect that may happen when hiring privately.

Written by the National Association for Home Care and Hospice, here are a list of questions you should ask the in-home care company prior to hiring them:

1. Does the in-home care agency supply literature explaining its eligibility requirements, fees, and services? The State of Oregon requires an agency to provide their client with a detailed “Patient Bill of Rights” that outlines responsibilities and rights of the clients, providers, and family caregivers alike.
2. How does the in-home care agency ensure client confidentiality?
3. How long has the in-home care agency been serving in the community?
4. Who can the client and family contact with complaints or questions?
a. How does the agency follow up on and resolve complaints?
5. What procedures does the in-home care agency have in place to handle emergencies?
6. Does the in-home care agency assign supervisors to oversee the quality of care clients are receiving in their homes? If so, how often do these individuals make visits?
7. Who can the client contact or their family members contact with questions or complaints?
8. What are the financial procedures of the in-home care agency? Does the agency furnish written statements explaining all the costs and payment options associated with home care?
9. How does the in-home care agency select and train its employees? Do they protect their workers with written personnel policies and workman’s comp insurance? Do they protect their clients from theft or abusing by bonding their employees?

To learn more about the most trusted home health care in Albany and the surrounding areas, contact New Horizons In-Home Care today in Eugene: 541-687-8851, Corvallis: 541-752-9059
Salem: 503-400-3000 or Florence: 541-997-8115 and set up a free in-home assessment.

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Customer Reviews

New Horizons In-Home Care

Customer Testimonials

J. M. May 4, 2020

Eugene, Or Client
The people I've worked with have been so straightforward and honest. They really care about how it's going. The caregiver is very understanding, knowledgeable. He can see ahead and makes some suggestions. I can leave if I need without the least bit of worry. He is really proactive, I know he cares and trust him impeccably.

Pamela V. April 9, 2020

Eugene, Or Client
I like how nice the caregivers are. The office staff is prompt on getting somebody out here when it is needed and the caregivers make me feel better than what I am. They are willing to do anything I ask of them.

Barbara W. February 2, 2020

Corvallis, Or Client
We are happy to have them because they do well. They come when they are supposed to and do what they are supposed to. They do things that we didn't know we needed. They assess the situation well and plan for the right care. They are very dependable and thorough and are very friendly and helpful. We're very satisfied.

Candice S. April 1, 2020

Salem, Or Client
They are very helpful and on time with things. They do what they say they are going to do. They will talk to me and help me when needed. I don't have to wait forever to pick up my calls and they are quick to get back to me. It has been positive.

Sharon R. April 01, 2020

Salem, Or Client
The caregivers will do anything that we ask of them. They have been very convenient. and are able to be here and do things for us that we cannot do.

O.H. February 14, 2020

Eugene, Or Client
The caregiver they sent me is awesome. People in the office staff are friendly and they know what they are talking about. The case manager, is a wonderful person and she knows her job. If I need something, all I have to do is call them.

Mary B. April 01, 2020

Eugene, Or Client
It has taken a great load off of our shoulders, especially mine. It has helped my health as well and gives my husband some social time. They are really good at scheduling around our schedule and are matched very well to his needs. We always recommend them to others who need care.

Denise B. March 02, 2020

Salem, Or Client
My caregiver is wonderful. I wish I could have more time. They do so much for me that I can't do for myself. They spend a few minutes to talk with me and be social. They are very open, caring, patient, outgoing, understanding, and kind people. If I need help with anything they will always help me. They are so helpful. I don't know what I'd do without their services.

Gail P. February 13, 2020

Florence Or,
The office staff found the right person for us. They check in regularly. What we need is someone who could do the cleaning and we have that. I like the fact that they have provided the kind of assistance that we needed. The caregiver we have is excellent.

Barbara N. February 12, 2020

Eugene, Or Client
They are courteous, respectful, and serve good food, and do everything we ask. They did all of their duties and everything was done in a timely manner. They were very helpful.
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