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Fun Fact:

Brains do not function properly without well-balanced meals! If one does not eat a well-balanced meal, it could make an individual become forgetful, overly emotional, tongue-tied, and/or light headed! This is common especially amongst teenagers due to their ever evolving nature of their brain at this time. Teenagers are more susceptible to outside influences like stress and depression during this period, as well as those disorders having more of a long-term effect on the brain. This can lead to adult depression and higher stress rates later on in life if not managed properly.

Eating a well-balanced meal can mean different things to individuals; one may believe that a healthy meal is more protein and carb based while another individual may believe that fiber and vegetables is the way to go. So what does a healthy meal consist of really? A healthy heart, and brain, meal as stated by the American Heart Association consists of: A variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, skinless poultry and fish, nuts and legumes, and non-tropical vegetable oils. An individual should also limit the amounts of saturated fat, trans fat, sodium, red meat, sweets and sugar-sweetened beverages that is consumed. If a person chooses to eat red meat, compare labels and select the leanest cuts available.

However, keep in mind that the food guides do change slightly once an individual becomes 65 years of age and older. For example, when a person is younger, he or she can normally eat higher amounts of sugars, sodium, and fat daily; this can lead to a short energy boost, but then feel lethargic afterward. For individuals 65 years of age and older, it is best to completely cut out these food groups because they are more harmful to the brain at this time. For older adults, it is recommended that greater dosages of B vitamins as well as foods and drinks that are full of antioxidants are consumed daily.

Not only does eating well-proportioned meals decrease the risk of heart related diseases, but it also enables an individual to function properly on a day-to-day basis. A person’s mood will improve, their stress level will be lowered, exercise will be easier to get through, and many more added benefits are all a product of healthy eating. The term “brain food” is not necessarily a joke; it really does make a difference what we put into our bodies! The old adage of “put good in, get good out” is quite fitting for this scenario. When we put healthy, nutrient dense food into our bodies, it will be processed and distributed throughout the body accordingly, and will enable individuals to function and accomplish tasks at a higher level of productivity.

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Customer Reviews

New Horizons In-Home Care

Customer Testimonials

J. M. May 4, 2020

Eugene, Or Client
The people I've worked with have been so straightforward and honest. They really care about how it's going. The caregiver is very understanding, knowledgeable. He can see ahead and makes some suggestions. I can leave if I need without the least bit of worry. He is really proactive, I know he cares and trust him impeccably.

Pamela V. April 9, 2020

Eugene, Or Client
I like how nice the caregivers are. The office staff is prompt on getting somebody out here when it is needed and the caregivers make me feel better than what I am. They are willing to do anything I ask of them.

Barbara W. February 2, 2020

Corvallis, Or Client
We are happy to have them because they do well. They come when they are supposed to and do what they are supposed to. They do things that we didn't know we needed. They assess the situation well and plan for the right care. They are very dependable and thorough and are very friendly and helpful. We're very satisfied.

Candice S. April 1, 2020

Salem, Or Client
They are very helpful and on time with things. They do what they say they are going to do. They will talk to me and help me when needed. I don't have to wait forever to pick up my calls and they are quick to get back to me. It has been positive.

Sharon R. April 01, 2020

Salem, Or Client
The caregivers will do anything that we ask of them. They have been very convenient. and are able to be here and do things for us that we cannot do.

O.H. February 14, 2020

Eugene, Or Client
The caregiver they sent me is awesome. People in the office staff are friendly and they know what they are talking about. The case manager, is a wonderful person and she knows her job. If I need something, all I have to do is call them.

Mary B. April 01, 2020

Eugene, Or Client
It has taken a great load off of our shoulders, especially mine. It has helped my health as well and gives my husband some social time. They are really good at scheduling around our schedule and are matched very well to his needs. We always recommend them to others who need care.

Denise B. March 02, 2020

Salem, Or Client
My caregiver is wonderful. I wish I could have more time. They do so much for me that I can't do for myself. They spend a few minutes to talk with me and be social. They are very open, caring, patient, outgoing, understanding, and kind people. If I need help with anything they will always help me. They are so helpful. I don't know what I'd do without their services.

Gail P. February 13, 2020

Florence Or,
The office staff found the right person for us. They check in regularly. What we need is someone who could do the cleaning and we have that. I like the fact that they have provided the kind of assistance that we needed. The caregiver we have is excellent.

Barbara N. February 12, 2020

Eugene, Or Client
They are courteous, respectful, and serve good food, and do everything we ask. They did all of their duties and everything was done in a timely manner. They were very helpful.
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