Nutrition and Avoiding Disease

imagesNot only does eating healthy improve our mood and the way we feel about ourselves, but it can help prevent disease and obtain a healthy well-being. Two common ingredients that help are antioxidants and omega-3.  Both can help with memory and body functioning. Lots of fruits and nuts are high in antioxidants, in fact, pinot noir grapes are some of the highest antioxidants.  Fish and nuts may also contain the omega-3 you may be looking for.  Be sure to be aware of the recommended food intake in all food groups to assist in a healthy diet.  There are a lot of new “fads” out there when it comes to diets, be sure to ask a professional about the facts of the diet if you are unsure of its health outcome.  It is never a bad idea to keep yourself educated when it comes your health.  Everyone gets busy and it seems that our health is the easiest subject to put aside, I’m guilty of it myself. Reading an educational article one morning a week is a great start that doesn’t take up too much time.   Slowly start implementing health education back into your life, it’s never too late.

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