How To Pay For In-Home Care

Finances can be stressful when choosing Long Term Care

When individuals find they are in need of a little help in their home, they always ask  how do they pay. At New Horizons In-Home care there are four ways a person could pay for the service.

1. Private pay. This means that the individual pays out of their own pocket.

2. Long-term care insurance. There are many different policies and companies who pay for in-home care. The guidelines are set by each company and the individual should check with their insurance agent before they need care to see exactly what the company covers.

3. Veterans. Veterans Administration will pay for in-home care if a person has served in the military during time of war. Again, there are certain guidelines and veterans should check with their local VA office to see if they qualify.

4. Medicaid. Medicaid pays for in-home care and is based on certain financial and needs criteria. You will need to check with your local Area Agency on Aging for further information. Each state is different.

If you have more questions feel free to contact the New Horizons office in your area and ask for a Care Manager.

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