Wide ranging services developed over 30 years

Clients rely on us for many different reasons. Some need in-home medical care, such as treatment for a wound or a chronic illness. Some are struggling with dementia. Some need help moving about or bathing. Some need assistance with housekeeping or shopping. Some need companionship.

So we work hard to be flexible and accommodating.

We want each client to receive exactly the home care he or she needs, not more or less. Because we have a fairly large staff – many trained in specialties – it’s easier for us to match an appropriate caregiver or nurse to each client.

The common denominator is that a reliable, well-trained caregiver will come to you, allowing you to remain in your home when that has otherwise become difficult.

Here are some of the many ways we can be of service:

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Companionship & home help

This is the first tier of home care service. It can help you retain your independence by making it more feasible to stay in your home. Companions and homemakers can run errands, schedule appointments, drive you to errands and appointments, keep your home tidy, do laundry and prepare meals.

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Personal care & certified nursing

In addition to the tasks of a companions and homemakers, personal care assistants and certified nursing assistants help with daily personal care, such as bathing, dressing, grooming, mobility, personal hygiene, and medication assistance.

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Registered and licensed practical nurses provide nursing home care for chronic conditions such as diabetes, or to care for a wound after surgery or accident, or help children who are medically fragile or otherwise require frequent help from a nurse.

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Pediatric care

While about 75 percent of our clients are older than 70 years old, we have caregivers trained to care for clients of any age, including medically fragile children.

Care after injury or surgery

While many of our clients require ongoing care, others may need only temporary help while they heal from a traumatic injury or recover from surgery.

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Neurological conditions

We have trained specialists who focus on the care of people living with multiple sclerosis, ALS and similar disorders.

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Memory care

Specially trained caregivers are assigned to work with those afflicted with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other forms of dementia, allowing them to safely stay home in familiar surroundings.

hospice care


When a home health or hospice agency is involved, we will collaborate with them to supplement their services.

respite care


Family members of those who suffer with dementia or other debilitating illnesses often shoulder responsibility for much of the individual’s care. It can be both exhausting and stressful, which can end up harming the family caregiver’s own health. Respite care gives family caregivers a break and is available as often, and as long, as it is desired.

Reloaction Assistance

Relocation assistance

As much as a person may want to stay in his or her own home, the time may come when it is no longer an option. We have a long history in the communities we serve, and have a thorough knowledge of the options available to older and disabled residents, including dedicated facilities for assisted living, memory care or nursing care. Should you decide that you would like to move yourself or a loved one, we are happy to meet with you at no charge to discuss your options and help you make a fully informed decision.

Reporting & Paper Work

Reporting and paperwork

We can complete the reporting requirements required by long-term care insurance, Veterans Administration and other third-party billing sources, relieving you of that burden.

We handle all required employer-related responsibilities for our caregivers, including worker’s compensation, payroll, Social Security taxes, screening, drug-testing costs, etc.

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