What Makes Your Happy?

What makes you happy?

To some, this is a simple question, but to others, it may be one of the most difficult questions to provide an answer to. Why is this? Why is it that we see others laughing and having a wonderful time, but yet, an individual may be sitting on the bench sulking and feeling so alone? Well, as we age, and just throughout certain points in our life, we become discouraged, depressed, melancholy, and sometimes afraid to do things that once made us so ecstatic!

When we withdraw from friends and activities that once used to light up our lives, we become sad, angry, and sometimes fearful of these hobbies that we used to have. For instance, say you take a walk everyday in a park -rain, sun, or snow, you would go-then one day you just stop. You told yourself that you would go tomorrow, but tomorrow came and you never did. Fast forward by a whole month and you still never went. At this point you will have no intention to go back out there, which leads to you stopping the activity.

This tends to happen to individuals, especially in the elder population, and there is a lot of risk involved with this kind of situation. If you or a loved one are starting to withdraw from activities that once made you happy, but you have no desire to do so anymore, call the New Horizons In-Home Care Office nearest you and talk to one of our qualified staff members. They will help get you back on the path to finding your “happy place”!

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